Sous Vide Eggs Four Ways


Cole Wagoner developed a deep appreciation and high expectations for the quality of food during his years living in Portland, a city with some serious food game. When Cole met the girl of his dreams, he followed her across the country from his beloved home state of Oreg ...

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Want perfect eggs? This is the recipe for you! 4 different time and temperatures and 4 different eggs. 145°F/ 62.7°C for 1 hour results in a loose white and very creamy yolk. 147°F / 63.9·C for 1 hour gets you a set white with a spreadable fudge like yolk. 167°F / 75°C for 13 minutes gets you a very similar egg as 145°F / 62.7°C for 1 hour with the white just a touch more set. 194°F / 90°C for 8 minutes results in a firm white with a semi-set yolk.
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Ingredients for 1

  • Eggs


  • Step 1

    Set your Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker to 167ºF / 75.0ºC

  • Step 2

    Remove eggs from fridge and place in water bath. Sous vide for the allotted time.

    • Finishing Steps

    • Step 0

      Prepare bowl of ice water. When timer goes off, place eggs in ice water for 5 minutes.

    • Step 1

      Crack egg, pour out, and enjoy!

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167 F / 75 C Recipe Temp
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