Chashu Pork Shoulder Ramen

Anova Culinary

This Japanese-styled ramen recipe is made with a flavorful pork broth and topped with melt-in-your-mouth chashu pork shoulder.



Prep Time: 00:15

Recipe Time: 12:00

Temperature : 197F / 91.7C



  1. Set your Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker to 197ºF / 91.7ºC
  2. Separately, prepare pork shoulder using this recipe:
  3. Place pigs feet in a large pot and cover with water. Bring to boil and boil for 10 minutes. Strain and reserve pigs feet.
  4. Prepare and measure out boiled pigs feet, shiitake mushrooms, onions, garlic, and ginger.
  5. Place the pigs feet and prepared ingredients into a bag with the 2 quarts of water and vacuum seal.
  6. Sous Vide the pigs feet at 197°F for 12 hours.
  7. Strain ingredients into a large bowl and set the strained broth aside.
  8. Measure out dashi, soy sauce, mirin, and strained braising liquid from the pork shoulder for the tare. Mix together and set aside.
  9. Slice the prepared pork shoulder into 1/2 inch slices, seasoning each side with a generous amount of salt. Place on a cast iron pan on medium-high heat and brown for 2-3 mins on each side. Remove and set aside.
  10. Add 1/4 cup of tare to each serving bowl.
  11. Add 1 to 1 1/2 cups of ramen broth to each of the serving bowls. Season with salt to taste.
  12. Prepare sliced green onions, enoki mushrooms, bok choy, corn, soft boiled eggs, and nori on a plate.
  13. Cook noodles according to package instructions and add to serving bowls.
  14. Arrange ramen toppings and pork shoulder to your liking.


  1. Slurp (not sip), and enjoy it while it's hot!