Sous Vide Rack of Lamb

Anova Culinary

Perfectly cooked rack of lamb is the result of this super-simple recipe. Only a few ingredients, all sealed up, cooked. and seared. Easier and more delicious than ever, and with Anova it's done impeccably time after time.


Aly Romero

As a Mom, Wife, and culinary student, Aly uses Anova to whip up super-simple meals that she can feel confident are perfectly cooked time after time and knows the whole family will enjoy!

Prep Time: 00:15

Recipe Time: 01:00

Temperature : 130F / 54.4C



  1. Set Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker to 130°F / 54.4°C
  2. Season lamb generously with salt and pepper, add garlic and rosemary. Add lamb to vacuum or resealable ziplock bag.
  3. Place in water bath and cook for 1 hour

Finishing Steps: To Serve

  1. As the timer is nearing the end, place cast-iron or other heavy-bottomed pan over high heat. Add vegetable (or other high smoke point oil) to pan and wait until it shimmers and starts to smoke.
  2. Remove lamb from bag, reserve rosemary and garlic. Pat dry.
  3. Add lamb to hot pan fat side down and sear for 4 minutes adding butter, reserved garlic and rosemary, and baste as it sears.
  4. Place lamb under tented foil and let rest for a few minutes before slicing up and devouring!