Irish White Pudding Sausage

Anova Culinary

I fell in love with white pudding living in New York and eating numerous Sunday breakfasts at our local Irish pub, Fiona’s. Highly seasoned with ginger and other strong spices and buffed out with steel cut oats it’s sits perfectly beside eggs but I love it in soup too. It really is one of my favourite cooked sausages.


Tim Harris

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Prep Time: 01:00

Recipe Time: 01:30

Temperature : 150F / 65.6C



  1. Set your Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker to 150.0ºF / 65.6ºC.
  2. Soak the oats with the Milk in a separate bowl.
  3. In a spice mill or food processor pulverize the instant mashed into potato flour and weigh out 50 grams.
  4. Prepare the pork in strips along with the bacon.
  5. Create a spice mix with all the remaining spices including the salt
  6. Grind the pork and bacon through a fine die.
  7. In doses mix in the potato flour and spice mix very thoroughly and finally the soaked oats.
  8. Using a piece of parchment form a piece of the forcemeat into a cylinder about 3 inches in diameter. Vacuum pack each tightly rolled cylinder and chill.
  9. When ready to cook slip the white pudding into the preheated hot water bath and set the the timer for 1.5 hours.
  10. After cooking remove the pudding to an ice bath to cook rapidly and refrigerate until final cooking.

  1. Slice the pudding into thick pieces and fry in butter over medium high heat until golden brown.